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All Topics | Topic "Losses in supply infrastructure"
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Author Message

Subject: Losses in supply infrastructure   
Posted: 11/6/2007 Viewed: 32594 times
Losses in supply infrastructure Refik Samet samet <a href="mailto:samet@eng.ankara.edu.tr">samet@eng.ankara.edu.tr</a>Dear friends,

I am interested in modeling the losses in supply infrastructure using WEAP. Does anybody have any experience to determine where the losses are greatest in supply infrastructure?

Subject: Losses in supply infrastructure   
Posted: 11/8/2007 Viewed: 32584 times
Losses in supply infrastructure Arthur Chapman achapman <a href="mailto:achapman@csir.co.za">achapman@csir.co.za</a>Refik Samet asked:

"I am interested in modeling the losses in supply infrastructure using WEAP. Does anybody have any experience to determine where the losses are greatest in supply infrastructure? "

The greatest losses are usually in urban areas, particularly where the distribution infrastructure is ageing.

Arthur Chapman

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Deleted User

Subject: RE: Losses in supply infrastructure   
Posted: 11/8/2007 Viewed: 32579 times
RE: Losses in supply infrastructure Jeff Rempel jeffreyrempel <a href="mailto:jeffrey.rempel@postgrad.plymouth.ac.uk">jeffrey.rempel@postgrad.plymouth.ac.uk</a>Dear Refik,

As part of a groundwater management strategy that I developed for the City
of Calgary in 2005 we estimated urban groundwater recharge from surface wat
er fed supply mains.

According to the folks i spoke to from city infrastructure - waterworks, th
ey lose approximately 12 % of water from the water main connections and L's
. I would suggest that connections would be responsible for the majority o
f losses but do not have a reference for you.


Jeff M. Rempel, B.Sc.
President / Owner - PhilEco Environmental Consulting
Joint Masters in Water and Coastal Management - M.Sc. Candidate
University of Plymouth, UK
Ph: 0 7964396802
Dr. Mohammad Rayej

Subject: Supply Losses   
Posted: 11/8/2007 Viewed: 32558 times
Supply Losses Mohammad Rayej rayej <a href="mailto:rayej@water.ca.gov">rayej@water.ca.gov</a>Generally, major losses in supply infrastructure (Storage and
Conveyance) are direct evaporation and seepage.
where both can be modeled by WEAP.

On Storage side, direct evaporation is a major loss which can be
explicitly specified in WEAP's Reservoir module.

On Conveyance side, "irrecoverable" seepage loss and evaporation can be
modeled as loss in Transmission Link
expressed a fraction of supply delivered at the upstream end of the
Link. The "recoverable" seepage losses, however,
can be captured and routed to a ground water element in WEAP.

Mohammad Rayej, Ph.D., P.E.
Senior Engineer, W.R.
California Department of Water Resources
Statewide Water Planning Branch
901 P Street, 2nd Floor
Sacramento, CA 94236

Topic "Losses in supply infrastructure"