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All Topics | Topic "Area Vs Elevation in WEAP"
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Mr. Tadesse Alemayehu

Subject: Area Vs Elevation in WEAP   
Posted: 2/11/2008 Viewed: 34384 times
Area Vs Elevation in WEAP Tadesse Alemayehu tadalm <a href="mailto:tadalm@yahoo.com">tadalm@yahoo.com</a>
Dear Sir/Madam,

I am working my MSc thesis to assess the water level fluctuation of Lake Tana, source of Blue Nile, due to water resource development projects. I know that WEAP can work volume Vs elevation at the end of each month. But I am more interested in Area Vs elevation, so would you help me how to tackle this issue using WEAP?
Deleted User

Subject: Re: Area Vs Elevation in WEAP   
Posted: 2/13/2008 Viewed: 34371 times
Re: Area Vs Elevation in WEAP Tendai Sawunyama tendai1 <a href="mailto:tendai@iwr.ru.ac.za">tendai@iwr.ru.ac.za</a>Hi Tadesse

If you are interested in Area vs Elevation then you will have to
covert the volumes to areas using the relationship: Area=aCapacity
exponent b, where a and b are constants that are derived from area vs
capacity (volume) of the dam. I would assume the Lake have area vs
capacity relationships already existing so that it will be easy for
you to establish the constants a and b

Mr Tendai Sawunyama
PhD Research Fellow
Institute for Water Research
Rhodes University P O Box 94,Grahamstown,6140, South Africa
Phone:[+27][0]46 6224014,Fax:[+27][0]466229427
Cell: +27 76 628 0240
Topic "Area Vs Elevation in WEAP"