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All Topics | Topic "Designing of a Labyrinth spillway"
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Mr. sandamuh Bulaya

Subject: Designing of a Labyrinth spillway   
Posted: 7/4/2009 Viewed: 36384 times
I have just joined the University in Zambia for my post graduate programme in water engineering. My supervisor has just given a project to develop a physical and mathematical model on ogee spillway in 2D and 3dimension,and energy dissipators. The problem I have is to define the boundary condtions for the ogee and its energy dissipator at the toe on the dam.
I woul appreciate for any help

Labyrinth spillways have been designed in the United states of America for many years. I would need some help on how they usually arrive at the design head when in equation,Q =(2/3)Cd L(2g)sqrt(Ho)raised to 1.5.
In the USA, they recommend this type of spillway for rehabilitation of an existing spillway. How would someone approach this problem to rehabilitate an existing ogee type to Labyrinth, when the recommended discharge flood on ogee is 673cumecs, HO =4m, L=65m, p=42m
This problem goes to the Americans for assiatnce
Sandamuh Bulaya

Topic "Designing of a Labyrinth spillway"