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All Topics | Topic "Water Year Method"
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Author Message
Dr. Hedi Rasul

Subject: Water Year Method   
Posted: 12/11/2009 Viewed: 36366 times
Hi everybody,

I try to use WAter year method for my model, but in same time the headflow for the river obtained from catchment node, and rriver headflow is blocke due to that. how i can use both catchment node as hed flow and water year method for reference scenario?

Thanks in advance and best regards.
M. Sc. Student: Hedi A. Rasul
University of Salahaddin – Erbil
College of engineering/ Dams and water Resources

Mr. Jack Sieber

Subject: Re: Water Year Method   
Posted: 12/11/2009 Viewed: 36358 times
If a catchment's flow to the river represents that river's headflow (move the inflow node on the river on or off the top of the river to change whether it represents the headflow or not), then you are right--you cannot also use the Water Year method for the river's headflow in a scenario.

If you have already built and calibrated a catchment model for the Current Accounts, I think it is best to use it to simulate scenario flows also. To do this, create future time series for the climate parameters (temperature, precip, humidity and wind speed), perhaps using your definition of water years.

If you really want to use the Water Year Method to alter the Current Accounts runoff calculated by a catchment model, you could do this by running the model for the Current Accounts, saving the runoff results to a CSV file, then deleting the catchment node and setting the headflow in the Current Account to ReadFromFile the CSV file you just created.

Topic "Water Year Method"