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Author Message
Mrs. Eun Jung Lee

Subject: Error Message   
Posted: 3/14/2011 Viewed: 32198 times

I got an error message when I open jpg, bpm, gif file for backgorund.

The error messeage is "Error reading map file C:\Users\EunJungLee\Desktop\PaloAlto2.bpm. (Perhaps it is open in another application, or the file may be damaged). Do you want remove this layer from your map?"

I can open these image files using other image viewers, so there is no problem in the aspect of the warning messeage "(Perhaps it is open in another application, or the file may be damaged)".

I am using Windows 7 Professional 64-bit.

How can I solve this problem?

Eun Jung
Mr. Jack Sieber

Subject: Re: Error Message   
Posted: 3/14/2011 Viewed: 32191 times
I have never heard of the BPM format and I don't think WEAP can handle it. But WEAP should be able to use JPG or GIF files. (To use any raster image file in WEAP as a background on the map, you need a "world" file that georeferences the image. If you don't have a world file for your image, you can create one in any GIS package, such as ArcGIS. For a TIFF file, the world file would be the same name but with ".tfw" as the extension. For a .jpg file, it would have a .jgw extension.)

To see an example, look in the _Maps\Tutorial subdirectory within the WEAP Areas path for the files Map.jpg and Map.jgw These are used in the Tutorial, version "Data, Results and Formatting". See if you can load this file as a Raster Layer in WEAP.

Topic "Error Message"