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All Topics | Topic "keeping more water in a reservoir"
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Author Message
Dr. Mijail Arias Hidalgo

Subject: keeping more water in a reservoir   
Posted: 5/16/2011 Viewed: 29312 times
Hi, everyone, I need to change the water storage regime in a reservoir, keeping more water during the dry season every year. I have been trying to modify the buffer zone values as well as the top of inactive ones (according to what I want to keep in the reservoir and moving the buffer coefficient from 1 to 0) but none of these options seems to give noticeable changes.

could you share any hint on that or what I am missing?

Best regards,

Mr. Julien Verdonck

Subject: Re: keeping more water in a reservoir   
Posted: 5/25/2011 Viewed: 29244 times
Dear Mijail,

I am currently facing similar problems than yours, and maybe you could also play on the priorities... If you prefer the reservoir to fill during the dry season, maybe you could give him a high priority during the dry season and a lower priority (than other uses) during the wet season...

I also see in the recent message from Mr. Jack Sieber (24 Mai 2011) that the new WEAP version allows to give a "maximum reservoir outflow" which could also help you.

Finally, I don't see why changing the the buffer coefficient does not give you noticeable change... Did you put a significant "Top of buffer" value?

However, I face difficulties with giving priorities depending to previous time steps values and will post on it.

Best regards,

Topic "keeping more water in a reservoir"