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Mr. Jack Sieber

Subject: New Version Of WEAP (3.2)   
Posted: 10/13/2011 Viewed: 26444 times
There is a new version of WEAP, available now for download. Highlights include:

- User-defined result variables: Some data variables may actually represent calculated results, especially if you provide a default expression. In this case, you might want to highlight the result by having it appear in the Results View among the built-in result variables, instead of with all the other data variables under the results category "Input Data." To do this, right click on the data variable tab and choose Edit, then check "Result Variable" and choose the results category under which it should appear (e.g., Demand, Reservoir, Groundwater).
- New report: Reservoir Storage Volume and Zones. For a single reservoir, see how the simulated storage compares with the reservoir zones (Conservation, Buffer, Inactive). See http://www.weap21.org/Downloads/ReservoirZones.gif
- Automated error reporting: In the unlikely event of a crash in WEAP, you now have the option to email the error report to ErrorReport@weap21.org. The error report will contain details of the crash, the full errorlog file (WEAP_Errors.txt), and the option to attach the current area (zipped) and/or a screen capture at the moment of impact.
- Password-protect areas: Option to add a password to an area that would then be required to either open or save changes to the area. Add a password when creating an area. Add or change the password from the Manage Areas screen.
- Add notes when creating an area: At the moment you create an area you can give a description of the new area. This should make it easier and therefore more likely for you to add this crucial piece of documentation to your data.
- Calculations faster: Made several optimizations in the calculation code to speed up calculations. Some models will see greater speed up than others, depending on the details of the models.
- Access to Net Cost and Net Present Value result values from expressions (sums across cost types) and API: For example, PrevTSValue(Supply and Resources\Transmission Links:Net Cost[$]) is the sum of the capital costs, operating costs and benefits (net cost) in all transmission links.
- Hydropower result unit: Hydropower can now be reported in Power (e.g., megawatt) as well as Energy (e.g., megawatt-hour) units.

See http://www.weap21.org/WhatsNew for a complete list of changes.

You should be able to easily update your existing version of WEAP to this new version. When WEAP starts, it should find this update and offer to download and install it automatically. If not, go to the menu in WEAP: Help, Check on Internet for New Version. You can also download the full installation from http://www.weap21.org/Download

Jack Sieber
WEAP Developer
Stockholm Environment Institute

Topic "New Version Of WEAP (3.2)"