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All Topics | Topic "Gravity System"
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Author Message
Deleted User

Subject: Gravity System   
Posted: 12/15/2011 Viewed: 26414 times
Dear All,
How can I simulate a gravity diversion into a reservoir which has a demand on it? I need to determine the spill resulting from this diversion on the reservoir. Using a transmission/ diversion link seems to be demand driven, thus diverting water only to meet the demand on the reservoir.

Any help will be much appreciated! Thanks

Dr. Mehdi Mirzaee

Subject: Re: Gravity System   
Posted: 3/22/2012 Viewed: 26047 times
Hi Huzefa,

I hope that I get your question.
You can use expression builder for transferring water. use 'if' function or '>=' and/or '=' etc.

was that your answer? if not, let me know.

Deleted User

Subject: Re: Gravity System   
Posted: 3/22/2012 Viewed: 26038 times
Many thanks for taking the time to answer such an old post.

What I wanted to do was to ensure a diversion takes water by gravity to a reservoir which has a demand on it. I wanted to supply the reservoir under a fixed diversion rule irrespective of whether there is demand for it or not. Using the transmission link showed that the diversion would only take place to meet the demand.

So what I did was to introduce a demand node with the demand equivalent to the gravity flow. The node then had a 100% return flow into the river flowing to the reservoir.

This worked for me!

Thanks again!
Topic "Gravity System"