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All Topics | Topic "Inter-basin and intra-basin impact study using WEAP"
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Author Message
Dr. George Abe

Subject: Inter-basin and intra-basin impact study using WEAP   
Posted: 8/10/2012 Viewed: 24268 times
I am trying to use WEAP model to study impacts of three Hydro electric projects (HEP) in Central Kerala, India, all three are located above the stream gauge considered for Head flows. Flow records upstream are not continuous/ not much reliable. Continuous daily flow records from 1963-2009 is available at the gauging station considered for head flows.
One HEP (Commissioned in 1976) is an inter-basin transfer to adjacent river basin with negligible spill events. Second HEP (1987) is located in a branch, which is an intra-basin (within basin) regulation. Third HEP (1997) is located in the main stream. Kindly advice me how I should carry out the analysis and the periods to be considered to bring out the impacts
1. Current account year
2. Reference period
3. How to Incorporate flow regime changes in the analysis
4. How to account for other inter-basin water transfers to and from the basin considered.
Thank you
George Abe

Topic "Inter-basin and intra-basin impact study using WEAP"