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All Topics | Topic "Beginner's Course WEAP Training 2012"
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Ms. Laura Forni

Subject: Beginner's Course WEAP Training 2012   
Posted: 10/16/2012 Viewed: 25791 times
Welcome to the second year of WEAP Online Beginner's Courses. Last year we had a great success with the beginner's courses and we are very excited to start our new set of trainings.

These courses are design to prepare your knowledge of WEAP modeling tools and skills in order to start the construction of an application of WEAP for your specific region of interest.

The training consist on 3 sessions of 3 hours each. The sessions are set up in 3 consecutive days. Please follow the link below to sign up and choose the trainings that fit best your schedule. We look forward to continue sharing WEAP's amazing capabilities!


A word from former participants:

"Thanks for the opportunity to be trained by the WEAP training team itself. I am grateful and looking forward to becoming a TRAINED WEAP USER AND MODELER IN THE FUTURE" - Research Scientist, Ghana.

"Thank you very much for the opportunity to participate in the WEAP Beginner's Course online training session. The online format worked very well, and your patience and special talent for teaching made the training a resounding success for me. I look forward to hearing about the upcoming intermediate and advanced training sessions. I will definitely take part if given the opportunity" - Water Resources Manager, California, USA

"Personally, I enjoyed every moment during the training, thanks to all for sharing your experiences and I do hope that we shall continue with the same spirit. Let's keep the interactions alive not only in dealing with WEAP but in other aspects of our research agenda. And to Laura, no words can express my gratitude, you are a great teacher, full of patience and tolerance, God bless you and I look forward to interacting more with you in the future. Thank you for expanding my network." - Senior Research Scientist, Kenya

"I'm very pleased to be a member of this great group, we hope the best for all and keep in contact. Thanks again to Laura and all of the WEAP team" - Engineer, Sudan.

Mr. Jack Sieber

Subject: Re: Beginner's Course WEAP Training 2012   
Posted: 11/8/2012 Viewed: 25555 times
The registration for these sessions is now closed. Due to the overwhelming demand for training (388 people registered for these sessions, far more than we can accommodate), we plan to schedule more training sessions in 2013.

Topic "Beginner's Course WEAP Training 2012"