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Mr. Girma moges

Subject: WAEP catchment   
Posted: 1/3/2013 Viewed: 24213 times
Dear members,
I have started practicing WEAP. Offcourse I didn't finish the whole module. Through out my reading yet I have got ambiguities. Can you help me in elaborating the following concerns please if you have time?

1.I need a clear explanation about current account, references, supply measures, demand measures and integrated measures in a way to be easily understood by geographers or hydrologists.

2. I have also another question regarding the term catchment on WEAP. Weap represents catchment as a point in a study area. But catchment is beyond a point rather it should contain a certain area from where water is collected run to the main river( only if we consider run off and other hydro-geological issues). However, during modeling using WEAP, "runoff/infiltration links carry runoff and infiltration from catchments to rivers, reservoirs and groundwater" which should be drawn from catchments to rivers, reservoirsand groundwater nodes. Remember, so far in my understanding, a catchment is represented by a point. So how runoff/infiltration links actually represent the real world while it only considers the water comes from a point?
3. Thanks to SEI for its genuine cooperation in providing me WEAP license for a year. This license will be expired by February. can I extend for another year after February?
Thank you in Advance.

Topic "WAEP catchment"