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All Topics | Topic "How to put limit for hydropower production"
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Ms. Claire MANUS

Subject: How to put limit for hydropower production   
Posted: 1/14/2014 Viewed: 22666 times
I have a reservoir, and, downstream, an agriculture demand.
I would like the turbine not to function while the elevation (or volume) is lower than a certain value. But I would like some water can be release to satisfay agriculture needs downstream.
How can I do?
In the Hydropower parameter, I can only enter "Max Turbine Flow" and Tailwater elevation.. Maybe I dont understood well what is this parameter? I undrstood it is the elevation of the impantation of the turbine. The head is then calculated by WEAP as a function of the reservori storage.
If I put "Inactive Zone", no water at all will be released...
Thank you so much in advanced for your help.

Dr. Devaraj de Condappa

Subject: Re: How to put limit for hydropower production   
Posted: 1/14/2014 Viewed: 22655 times
I think you can create an expression in the Expression Builder, for the Max. Turbine Flow variable of your reservoir. For ex is your reservoir name is 'Your Reservoir', something like:

If(PrevTSValue(Your Reservoir:Storage Elevation[m]>[Your elevation threshold], [The installed Turbine capacity],0)

By doing so you only stop the turbines, not the releases to other downstream demands (such as irrigation).

You can create this expression by opening the Expression Builder, then type "If(" then pull into the expression the branch of your reservoir, a menu should appear and select the calculated variable 'Storage Elevation' (or 'Storage Volume', as you prefer), and you complete the expression.

Since the storage is calculated during the moldelling you can only access the value of the previous time-step, which might or not be an issue.

Hope my explanation was clear enough.
Topic "How to put limit for hydropower production"