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All Topics | Topic "Importing Vector GIS Layer as Nodes"
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Mr. Parmeet Singh

Subject: Importing Vector GIS Layer as Nodes   
Posted: 6/23/2014 Viewed: 20090 times
I imported a GIS vector layer (point shape file) containing info on WWTPs relevant to my analysis onto WEAP. The locations appear as tiny blue dots in WEAP, I've increased the size and gave them the appropriate label through the edit feature. Is it possible to have WEAP classify those points as WWTPs nodes or does one have to manually drag-drop the WWTP node button onto the schematic for each point? The same question applies to other node types -- is it possible to have them active under current accounts classified as the right type from imported GIS vector layer?

If anything is unclear, I'd be happy to clarify, thanks in advance.
Mr. Jack Sieber

Subject: Re: Importing Vector GIS Layer as Nodes   
Posted: 6/23/2014 Viewed: 20080 times
WEAP is not able to create Schematic objects from a GIS layer. Therefore, you will need to manually drag and drop the WWTP nodes onto the Schematic.
Mr. Parmeet Singh

Subject: Re: Importing Vector GIS Layer as Nodes   
Posted: 6/23/2014 Viewed: 20067 times
That was my impression, but I just wanted to verify before proceeding. Thanks for the prompt reply.


Topic "Importing Vector GIS Layer as Nodes"