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All Topics | Topic "Main river and tributaries"
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Author Message
Eng. Mohamed Abbas

Subject: Main river and tributaries   
Posted: 4/9/2015 Viewed: 19817 times
Hi evrey one

I am always happy to use this active user forum to improve my knowledge in using WEAP.
My inquiry is: Is there any way to differentiate between the main river in its colour and thickness from the other tributaries?.


Mohamed Abbas

Ms. Stephanie Galaitsi

Subject: Re: Main river and tributaries   
Posted: 4/10/2015 Viewed: 19783 times
Dear Mohamed,

On your schematic, all your WEAP river elements you create will appear the same. You can always use polygon shape files as a background (see the example in the WEAP tutorial) to differentiate them.

In the Results view, you can go to click on "Map" and under "Results to Map," select "Streamflow". That will show you the volume of the various rivers over time. But it's dependent on the data you enter.
Eng. Mohamed Abbas

Subject: Re: Main river and tributaries   
Posted: 4/14/2015 Viewed: 19763 times
Thank alot Stephanie .. yes by doing this I am able to differentiate between the main river and its tributaries.
Good Luck.

debebe derib

Subject: river crossing different sub basin   
Posted: 5/2/2015 Viewed: 19621 times
hello dear i have already simulate the water resource using Swat model and i obtain flow at different outlets of my sub catchment
the problem is that i can;t enter flow data when the flow passes through the outlets of two or three sub basin
i have tried to edit on one specific catchment but it is automatically changed the rest one
Ms. Stephanie Galaitsi

Subject: Re: river crossing different sub basin   
Posted: 5/5/2015 Viewed: 19602 times
Hi Debebe,

You can enter headflow for rivers using the ReadFromFile Wizard. The headflow will be the basis for the flows downstream, so start by adding the headflow at the headwaters of the river and then calibrate going down through your watershed. If you're trying to get the flow to match you SWAT model data in numerous places downstream, you can plug in that data as a stream gauge (again using ReadFromFile) to study how your WEAP model data matches that data - and decide what to do about it, like add demand to your model or add supply, like a tributary river bringing more water in, to represent the runoff between area of headflow and the area you're measuring.

Any changes you make upstream will impact the supply going downstream, so it's very important to get your upstream supply as accurate as you can, using the data you have.

Mr. Jack Sieber

Subject: Re: river crossing different sub basin   
Posted: 5/5/2015 Viewed: 19596 times
If your SWAT model estimates inflows to the river at various points, you can enter these in WEAP, either as the headflow for a tributary that flows into the main river (as Stephanie suggested), or on the "Surface Water Inflow" tab of a reach on the main river.
Topic "Main river and tributaries"