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All Topics | Topic "Working with results in Graphs"
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Author Message
Mr. Robert Ojwang

Subject: Working with results in Graphs   
Posted: 6/24/2015 Viewed: 17307 times
Dear Users,
I need some help on the best way to export graphs to Ms Word. Am planning to use several graphs from my results in my report. Do I need to format each graph each time or there is a way I can customize the settings once and use it for different graphs.

Ms. Stephanie Galaitsi

Subject: Re: Working with results in Graphs   
Posted: 6/29/2015 Viewed: 17268 times
Dear Robert,

You can always make "favorite" graphs. In the Results view, a "Favorites" menu appears on the bar at the top. When you're viewing a chart you like, go to the Favorites menu and select "Save as Favorite." Make sure to give it a clear name.

You can select charts to view in the Scenario Explorer. See section. The WEAP tutorial has information about how to do this in the Data, Results and Formatting Module/ Working with Results/ Create and Overview.

To explort charts from WEAP, bring up the chart you want and right click, and select "Copy Chart." When you paste it in in word, it will appear with the legend as well.
Mr. Robert Ojwang

Subject: Re: Working with results in Graphs   
Posted: 6/29/2015 Viewed: 17257 times
Dear Steph,

Thanks for your help. Am actually now having a problem with placing the legend, I can only place it at the top and right, when I try the bottom position, it pushes everything out of the page. Can the legend be moved manually to place anywhere I want. Also does it mean that the font size for WEAP is different from that of Word because when I set for example size 12 then copy chart and paste in Word, the size becomes really small.

Ms. Stephanie Galaitsi

Subject: Re: Working with results in Graphs   
Posted: 6/29/2015 Viewed: 17248 times
Hi Robert,

I assume you're using the gear icon in the WEAP menu to move the legend around. In the same place, (you may have to look around inside the various options) you can also change the size of the font for different aspects of display in the results section.

There ares some limitations here. Unfortunately, as you pointed out, you cannot put the legend underneath the chart. There is no way to move it manually. Also, whatever changes you make aesthetically won't save - they won't save if you favorite them either. WEAP will continue returning the chart view to the default view. I would suggest waiting to export all your maps until you're really sure that it's the final version - that way even though it will take some time to format them how you want, you won't have to do it twice (hopefully).

Mr. Robert Ojwang

Subject: Re: Working with results in Graphs   
Posted: 6/29/2015 Viewed: 17240 times
Dear Steph,
Thanks so much. I thought I was doing a mistake but as you have clearly explained, some limitations exist. I will follow your advice and do the aesthetics once I have the final version.
One more question, how can I copy the schematic view with its legend? or can I customize legend based on nodes I have used?
Sorry for taking too much of your time.

Topic "Working with results in Graphs"