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All Topics | Topic "WEAP Hydrology calibration"
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Author Message
Ms. El Hassani Layla

Subject: WEAP Hydrology calibration   
Posted: 7/9/2015 Viewed: 17422 times
Hi !

I am a student and newly using WEAP for my thesis.

It is been a while that I am trying to calibrate streamgauges by varying manually the hydrological parameters , but the variation between the observed data and WEAP simulation data is very high. Could anyone tell me what are the possible reasons ? Could be that the data is not well prepared ?

Thank you, Layla El Hassani

Dr. Soroosh Alahdin

Subject: Re: WEAP Hydrology calibration   
Posted: 7/9/2015 Viewed: 17411 times
hi dear layla
the question you are asking is to wide, it could be anything. actually in hydrology knowledge about your basin is the most important factor. I suggest you use logical and default parameters to make sure you are on the right track and then check the other factors.
M.A. is always like that. you will find a way.
Ms. El Hassani Layla

Subject: Re: WEAP Hydrology calibration   
Posted: 7/25/2015 Viewed: 17280 times
Thank you dear Soroosh for your answer. I think I'm doing good now with the WEAP work ! I still have one question, do we need to have a catchment in the upper of each of the streamgauges to perform calibration ? sometimes in my model, there is no catchment near the streamgauges so I dont really know where to make change in parameters and only have results by reach.. Thank you so much for your help.
Dr. Soroosh Alahdin

Subject: Re: WEAP Hydrology calibration   
Posted: 7/26/2015 Viewed: 17273 times
hi dear layla, happy to see you are enjoying hydrology. actually when you are calibrating, its about parameter of upstream basin and downstream streamgauge. the parameters are changed until the calculated data (weap)be almost equal to observed (streamgauge data).and ofcourse in the absence of one there is no calibration process.
Ms. El Hassani Layla

Subject: Re: WEAP Hydrology calibration   
Posted: 8/21/2015 Viewed: 17030 times
Hello again,

Thank you so much for the help you offered me to perform calibration. Lately, I'm having a problem that i couldnt solve; I hope you will have a solution for me.
In my WEAP model, the observed and modeled flows looks ok ! but when I export data to excel in order to compute the quality parameters like NSE, Bias and SDR, the values I get are very high. Very high that evenexcel could not show them.
I'm not sure what is the problem here, it is kind of strange. I hope you can help me.
Dr. Soroosh Alahdin

Subject: Re: WEAP Hydrology calibration   
Posted: 8/21/2015 Viewed: 16990 times
as far as my experiences can tell, the export results are not in"million" or "thousand", but why do excel cannot handle them, really seems strange to me as well.
Topic "WEAP Hydrology calibration"