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All Topics | Topic "Expression Builder application"
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Author Message
Ms. Mitika Farkya

Subject: Expression Builder application   
Posted: 7/27/2015 Viewed: 15900 times
Hello Sir,
How to write any contraint for spill
for example, if there is 1000 MCM headflow and the reservoir storage capaacity is 156 MCM and I have to divert water, equal to or less than the canal capacity, to other river from the reservoir and the rest to be allowed for spill in reach/downstream
Please suggest the expression for the above example.

Regards Mitika

Ms. Stephanie Galaitsi

Subject: Re: Expression Builder application   
Posted: 7/29/2015 Viewed: 15860 times
Dear Matika,

It sounds to meet like you could simulate this by building a reservoir on the river, then having a canal come out of the river directly below the reservoir. As long at is goes to a city with a higher demand priority than the demands downstream, the canal will take water equal to or less than the canal capacity (although it might drain the river doing so).

This question is more about interactions of different WEAP elements (the dam, the river, the canal), and you don't need to use the Expression Builder for that. It's more about determining the parameters of those elements, although certainly those parameters can interact, and can be coded to do so, for example through an "if" statement. But it's not necessary for this type of structuring - all of that can be embodied in the WEAP elements themselves, and it's simpler.
Topic "Expression Builder application"