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All Topics | Topic "About setting a reservoir"
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Miss Yan Yan Annie Wong

Subject: About setting a reservoir   
Posted: 12/16/2015 Viewed: 14752 times

I am new to WEAP and want to set the input of a reservoir.The input of the reservoir is rainwater, but I have already got the data (amount of storage) from previous years. How should I enter my data?

Thank you.

Ms. Stephanie Galaitsi

Subject: Re: About setting a reservoir   
Posted: 12/16/2015 Viewed: 14736 times
Hi Yan,

You cannot directly input the reservoir storage in the WEAP model. WEAP calculates the balances of water coming into the system and demanded from the system, so the reservoir elements operate by the characteristics and rules that you give them (under the Physical button and Operation button, respectively). The reservoir volume records would, after all, only be useful for a model in the past because you don't know the volumes in the future.

However, you can upload your data from previous years into the reserve as "Observed Volume" (the last option in the Physical button) using the ReadFromFile Wizard. Then, when you run WEAP for the past, you can compare the results that WEAP generates (with the river data and the reservoir management you've plugged into) and the data you've plugged in. Once you have that calibrated, you can change your model to represent the future and know that your reservoir is calibrated with current management.
Topic "About setting a reservoir"