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All Topics | Topic "Water Temperature Calculation Diverged"
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Ms. Brittany Van Grouw

Subject: Water Temperature Calculation Diverged   
Posted: 4/18/2016 Viewed: 12603 times
Hello WEAP users!

I am working with a group to model water quality in a river system. We receive the following error with our results:

"The calculation to estimate river water temperature has diverged (become infinity). Setting temperature of reach outflow equal to temperature of inflow. Flow(m3/d) = [Value], Volume(m3) = [Value], Flow/V = [Value], Reach Length(m) = [Value]." These values are very high and don't correlate with the data inputted into the model.

Our model is simple and only includes catchments and rivers. The only source of inflow is from precipitation data entered. We are attempting to model all water quality constituents based on climate data entered for each reach (air temp, humidity, wind, cloudiness).

Can anyone provide any direction on how to solve these errors?

Thank you!
Ms. Stephanie Galaitsi

Subject: Re: Water Temperature Calculation Diverged   
Posted: 4/20/2016 Viewed: 12558 times
Typically what causes that error is when the reach is short, or more specifically, the transit time within the reach is short (you might have a short time step). That makes it hard for WEAP to do the numerical calculation. Could you reply with the values for flow rate, velocity, reach length and other values in the error?
Topic "Water Temperature Calculation Diverged"