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All Topics | Topic "Hydropower generation - zero?"
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Mrs. Nandi Moksnes

Subject: Hydropower generation - zero?   
Posted: 5/13/2016 Viewed: 11926 times

I am doing a water model for the Tana cathment in Kenya and want to model the hydropower together with irrigation plans.

For the hydropower there are reasonable results for "Hydropower turbine flow" and also "Inflows and Outflows" from the reservoir, even though they are both in the same month (which would maybe indicate something is wrong?). These results (being novice at this) would indicate that there is a flow through the reservoir but there is no Hydro power generation in the results. I don't know where I might have gone wrong?

I hope I made my question clear and that someone can help me (it's quite urgent).

Thank you,
Nandi Moksnes

Mrs. Nandi Moksnes

Subject: Re: Hydropower generation - zero?   
Posted: 5/14/2016 Viewed: 11881 times
I resolved the issue by reducing the values under "Hydropower" for the Tail water elevation compared to under "Physical" for the Volume elevation curve.

"Tailwater Elevation is used to calculate the working water head on the turbine. The power generated in a given month depends on the head available, which is computed as the drop from the reservoir elevation (as computed by WEAP, using the Volume Elevation Curve and the storage volume at the beginning of the month) to the tailwater elevation."


Topic "Hydropower generation - zero?"