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All Topics | Topic "Run coupling of SWAT and WEAP"
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Dr. Salam Abbas

Subject: Run coupling of SWAT and WEAP   
Posted: 8/4/2016 Viewed: 14290 times
Dear all,
I have created a Daily hydrological model (1972-2003)using SWAT model for a catchment and want to use the simulated river flow at each sub-basin(from SWAT model) in WEAP model to perform 3 scenarios analyses (Change reservoir operation, increase demand, climate change ). The are four reservoirs in the upstream to control flow of the river system.

My questions are:

1. How can I model Flow out at each sub-basin (from SWAT model) in WEAP model? Can I model that as stream flow gauge ? or something else?

2. Since I will not make any rainfall-runoff model in WEAP model, How can I make Scenario of Climate change?

3. Can I make scenario analysis in future basis (e.g. 2004-2025)?

Many thanks in advance,

Ms. Stephanie Galaitsi

Subject: Re: Run coupling of SWAT and WEAP   
Posted: 8/4/2016 Viewed: 14279 times
Dear Salam,

If you already have streamflow you would like to put into the rivers, you can do that by entering the headflow into the river (see the example in the tutorial module WEAP in 1 Hour). To model each sub-basin inflow, you can go into the Data View, Supply and Resources/River/[your river name]/Reaches, and for each reach you can fill in data for "Surface Water Inflow." Keep in mind, however, that your reaches correspond to regions in between elements on the river (diversions, streamflow gauges, etc.) that may not correspond with your sub-basins.

Definitely do not use streamflow gauges for modeling, because WEAP does not use that data - they only provide historic data for the model to compare against.

You can certainly model future years. When using streamflow data directly entered into the model, you can use the Water Year Method (Tutorial module: Scenarios). However, if you want to relate your streamflow in your climate change scenarios to actual climate data, you will need to use a hydrologic model to convert precipitation and other climatic factors into streamflow. This would involve using catchments instead of directly entering the streamflow data, and it would also require calibration.

Dr. Salam Abbas

Subject: Re: Run coupling of SWAT and WEAP   
Posted: 8/5/2016 Viewed: 14267 times
Dear Stephanie,

Thank you very much make sense to me.


Topic "Run coupling of SWAT and WEAP"