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All Topics | Topic "Hydraulic Constraint / Reservoir and Water Treatment Plant"
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Author Message
Mr. Mohammed Yassin

Subject: Hydraulic Constraint / Reservoir and Water Treatment Plant   
Posted: 9/26/2016 Viewed: 12501 times
Hello WEAP community,

(i) In the Urban Water System I am trying to model, there is a Water Treatment Plant which has a total capacity to treat 0.318 Mm3/day, and its deployable output can only be 0.310 Mm3/day due to hydraulic constraints in the supply network.

The plant receives its water from a reservoir, and it is the source of supply for two demand sites

I appreciate your advice on how can I represent this in the model this If I am concerned to apply this hydraulic constraint on the supply to the two demand sites, which is represented through two transmission links. Note: There are no available data on each transmission link / infrastructure capacity

(ii) I also appreciate your clarification on "Maximum Hydraulic Outflow" of a reservoir. How it works in WEAP for example if more than one transmission is linked to the reservoir . Will this constraint be applied to each link as well as to the release downstream in the river? Or the maximum hydraulic outflow will be of all outflows from the reservoir (all inflows to transmission links and release to the river downstream) .

Your assistance is highly appreciated ,

Mohammed Yassin
Topic "Hydraulic Constraint / Reservoir and Water Treatment Plant"