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Author Message
Mr. Ali Amin

Subject: Tutorial queries   
Posted: 1/13/2017 Viewed: 12787 times
Dear Stephanie,

I have questions about having more than one domestic sites and agriculture sites;
1.do I need to show one domestic site at a time or I can show as many as there are in my study area?
2. Same is the question for agriculture and industrial sites?
3. what if i have different gauge stations for one river? do i need to give each gauge station data or overall only one value for the river?
And I'll ask my questions about data later.


Ms. Stephanie Galaitsi

Subject: Re: Tutorial queries   
Posted: 1/13/2017 Viewed: 12773 times
Dear Ali,

For your first question, are you referring to the Schematic View, Data View, or Results View? In all of them it is possible to show as many demand sites (or other WEAP node) as are in your area. If you're having trouble still, please tell me specifically where you are looking and what you are trying to see.

For your second question - if you have different types of demand sites (because agriculture, industrial and domestic demand can all be demand sites), you can show them all.

Third question: there are probably multiple gauge stations on your river because the flow is very different in those areas. Gauges are used in WEAP for calibration purposes, and in that sense it is very important to represent the flow in different areas. But it also depends on the resolution (size) of your model. In general, I would want to include all the different gauge stations - and remember to always start calibration with the upstream gauges, and then move down the river.
Topic "Tutorial queries"