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Author Message
Mr. Daniel Oliveira

Subject: work in group with weap   
Posted: 3/27/2017 Viewed: 12533 times
I´ll be very grateful if somebody would describe to me a procedure to exchange modeled data of WEAP from one computer to other, when more than one person is working on the same project.
Also I need some information and references about file-data structure.
Ms. Stephanie Galaitsi

Subject: Re: work in group with weap   
Posted: 3/27/2017 Viewed: 12495 times
Hi Daniel,

Great question. I will go through it step-by-step.

1) When you are ready to back up your model for your collaborator, open the Area menu in the top WEAP ribbon and select "Manage Areas".

2) In the window that opens, the name of your Area should be highlighted in blue (if it is not, click on it). In the icons at the top of the window, select "Backup."

3) WEAP will ask you to designate a folder where it can save WEAP. This might be a Dropbox folder you share with your collaborator, or a folder on a USB drive. Select the folder you will share with your collaborator.

4) Next, if your model has versions, it will ask if you would like to include those versions in the model that you will save in the folder. If you don't have any versions, this won't matter. If you do, and you say yes, you can select which versions to include in the file. If you have versions and you say no, it will save the end version of the model, not an intermediary version.

5) Click okay and your WEAP area will be backed up to the folder you selected.

6) Note that your WEAP area still exists in your WEAP Areas folder in your computer. The area that you backed up is not editable - if you make further edits to the model, your computer will change the area in WEAP Areas, and you should redo the backup to the shared folder.

7) Your collaborator can now open the model from the shared folder. In their WEAP application, they can go to Area/Manage Areas, and click the icon for "Restore."

8) They then navigate to the shared folder, and click the WEAP area that you saved.

9) This uploads that WEAP area in their "WEAP Areas" folder on their computer. Any edits they make will be made there, not in the area in the shared folder. When they are ready to share their edits with you, they will have to go through the same process of backing up the [improved/updated] WEAP Area into the shared folder. Use a different name if you don't want to write over the older Area (you can rename your models by going to Area/Manage Area) and clicking the icon "Rename".

Topic "work in group with weap"