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All Topics | Topic "pgm calibration"
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Author Message
Ms. Jovanna Angulo

Subject: pgm calibration   
Posted: 10/17/2017 Viewed: 9582 times
Dear all,

I want to know which are the parameters for the PGM moodel calibration. Thanks
Ms. Stephanie Galaitsi

Subject: Re: pgm calibration   
Posted: 10/20/2017 Viewed: 9566 times
Dear Jovanna,

Calibration parameters are often those where you have made assumptions, either because you could not get the data, or because the parameters themselves are abstract and difficult to measure. It may be that any number of parameters in your model can be used for calibration.
Ms. Jovanna Angulo

Subject: Re: pgm calibration   
Posted: 11/4/2017 Viewed: 9334 times
Thanks a lot for your answer, I have the problem that as a result the model doesn´t have stream flow, and I have observed that the evaporation is similar to the precipitation. I have tried changing some soil parameters, but it doesn't work. I dont know where is the mistake. I share a screenshot about this:


On the other hand, in the place where I am doing the research there are five land covers: coastal desert, tundra, forest, crops and scrub. There are different crops, but I am interested in corn, since I will evaluate its future yield in six scenarios. In the tab of land use and then crops, I'm just entering corn data. I'm grouping the other crops with the name "others", but without filling any data in that tab, as it shows in the following capture.


I would like to know if this is fine or I need to fill in the data of the other crops.
Also in the other land covers other than crops, I haven´t enter any data, is it okay if I leave it like this? or do I have to complete the forest, tundra and scrub data? I show this in the following screenshot.


Finally I have a last question: The model calculates radiation? or is it necessary to input that data?

I await your response, thanks in advance for your time

Ms. Stephanie Galaitsi

Subject: Re: pgm calibration   
Posted: 11/6/2017 Viewed: 9316 times
Dear Jovanna,

For your first question, what happens if you look at the "Table view" and look at "Surface Runoff." The model may be producing a very small amount compared to the other values, but it should not be zero. One thing that may help is to increase the initial conditions "Initial Soil Water Content." The high rate of evaporation is a common result.

In terms of entering data other corn, you can technically do that, but whether you would want to depends on what you're trying to do with the model. If you're trying to understand how much water is necessary for corn, and how much run-off the corn will produce, then you don't need the other data. But if you want to model streamflow for the whole area (especially if you have a demand downstream), you will need to enter parameters for the other area so WEAP can generate streamflow according to the precipitation that falls in those areas.

The "Solar Radiation" tab in the "Climate" category is where you will need to enter radiation data.
Topic "pgm calibration"