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Mr. Reza Ahmad Limon

Subject: API Help   
Posted: 2/13/2018 Viewed: 7989 times
I am just starting with WEAP API and I was trying to run the example in WEAP help. But, it doesn't run and shows this error "WEAPApplication.Scenarios: Invalid scenario: Supply measures". So, I have checked the "Weaping River Basin" file itself and it does have that scenario. I have tried to run the lines on the example on Excel VBScript editor. From there I have found that the script cannot change the scenario to "Supply Measures" scenario when the schematic view is on. But, if the "Data" view is on it can change the scenarios. So, I added a line on the example script to change the view to "Data". But, it doesn't go to Data view with the script instead goes to schematic view and while command says to go to Schematic view it shows error that there is no such view. Does anyone here knows what's happening here and how can I fix this?
Topic "API Help"