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Mr. Jeffrey Newman

Subject: WEAP   
Posted: 5/21/2018 Viewed: 7912 times

I have some questions regarding WEAP interfaces/APIs, related to a project where we are linking WEAP with a genetic algorithm for optimising water resource plans. Background to my question is that we need to run, say, a few hundred instances of WEAP simultaneously over a Linux cluster, in order to reduce the wall-time of our optimisation to something that is feasible.

Is it possible to run multiple instances of WEAP on a single desktop using the COM interface? We have done some initial testing and not found a way, but want to make sure we are not missing something here.

Also, what is the input file structure and is it documented that we could modify the input files programmatically to reflect the policy/management levers that we are optimising?

If it is feasible to programmatically modify WEAP input files, Is it possible to run a WEAP model from a command-line (non-GUI?)

Is there other ways of programmatically interfacing with WEAP that people have used that may be suitable for us?

We understand that the typical way of programmatically interfacing with WEAP is to use the COM interface. But this is a Windows-centric approach to linking WEAP with our optimisation, which is troublesome for running WEAP on the Wine emulator on Linux, which is the hardware we have available to us.


Topic "WEAP"