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All Topics | Topic "Each branch within catchment can have different climate data"
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Author Message
Mr. Dinesh Kumar

Subject: Each branch within catchment can have different climate data   
Posted: 1/8/2019 Viewed: 7706 times
How does this option work in WEAP? To be specific, how the WEAP software calculate different climate data for different branch within a catchment?

Ms. Anne Hereford

Subject: Re: "Each branch within catchment can have different climate data"   
Posted: 1/30/2019 Viewed: 7558 times
Hi Dinesh,

The short answer is: WEAP is using climate data that are based on elevation. Read on for more detail.

You received this message when you went to look at the data tree after using Catchment Delineation Mode, yes?

The default mode for this setting is:
"All branches within a catchment have the same climate data"

When, in Catchment Delineation Mode, you activate "Create Elevation Band Branches", WEAP changes the setting to "Each branch within catchment can have different climate data", as you noted. This allows you (or WEAP, if you are using the default climate data) to enter separate climate data by elevation within your catchment. This is most relevant if you have a catchment that includes a wide range of elevations--say a steep mountain catchment. For example, i just had WEAP make a catchment in the Tutorial WEAP area with elevation bands. I can see in the data view that my catchment is subdivided into 3 elevation bands. 1000 to 1500 m has Temperatures from 7 to 27 degrees and Precipitation from 0 to 75 mm per month, while band 0 to 500 m has T=11 to 29 Celsius and P=2.5 to 173 mm/month.

Topic "Each branch within catchment can have different climate data"