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All Topics | Topic "Importing Shapefile to WEAP"
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Author Message
Eng. Rana Abou Slaymane

Subject: Importing Shapefile to WEAP   
Posted: 3/10/2019 Viewed: 7666 times
Hello everyone,

In order to get my river tributaries onto the WEAP software, I was trying to delineate the river on the Watershed Modeling System (WMS) software, and on the arcMAP (arcGIS) software, then saving it as a shapefile, and adding it as a vector layer on WEAP. The river, with its tributaries, appears on map layer (the popup window), but while clicking ok nothing will be added to the WEAP schematic, although the new layer appears in the layer window.

Any help to solve this issue is highly appreciated.

Thank you,
Best Regards,
Ms. Anne Hereford

Subject: Re: Importing Shapefile to WEAP   
Posted: 3/14/2019 Viewed: 7652 times
Dear Rana,
The problem is most likely due to a difference in the projection of your shapefile. Please read the following paragraph from the WEAP help and if you find this isn't the problem, please reply with more details of the problem you are experiencing.

"All background layers must use the same geographic projection. If you add a layer and it does not appear on the Schematic, it may be because it does not use the same projection as the existing background layers. WEAP's preloaded global layers use the WGS84 projection (WGS84 files are sometimes referred to as "unprojected," because they are based directly on latitude and longitude.) If you want to add layers that use a projection different from WGS84, here is what you should do. (Note: you must do this BEFORE you add any WEAP objects, such as rivers or demand sites, because when you add them they will use the projection in effect, and will disappear when you change to using a different projection.) Add one of your layers. Remove all layers (such as the preloaded layers) that are in a different projection. Go to Set Area Boundaries and set the boundary using your new layer. If your layer is visible in the Schematic then you have done it correctly."

Topic "Importing Shapefile to WEAP"