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All Topics | Topic "Calibration and Calibration and Calibration."
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Mr. Darlington Ikegwuoha

Subject: Calibration and Calibration and Calibration.   
Posted: 5/17/2019 Viewed: 7051 times
So far I have not had a good time with calibration in WEAP (Pest). It is very slow probably because I now have 484 data points (Sub catchments) this is because I am using 8km resolution data. Also I have noticed very little or no change when I use pest calibration. I get some little change when I calibrate manually by change some parameters. Also the most sensitive parameters I have seen in the latest version of WEAP are Deep water Capacity and Deep conductivity. Prior to this latest versions, Runoff resistance factor was very sensitive for calibration. Now that has changed. Is there any help on this? So I need help with the sensitive parameters that can assist in bringing my simulated streamflow close enough to my observed streamflow. i am really struggling in this area. I am almost done with my PhD this is the only thing I am left with. I have inputted all other variables, demands and supplies included.

Mr. Mido Wakeel

Subject: Re: Calibration and Calibration and Calibration.   
Posted: 2/15/2020 Viewed: 6268 times
Dear Darlington,

Did you find the solution of this problem?

Thank you
Topic "Calibration and Calibration and Calibration."