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All Topics | Topic "Ground Water Decline and Depletion"
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Author Message
Ms. Arfa Saleem

Subject: Ground Water Decline and Depletion   
Posted: 5/25/2019 Viewed: 6838 times
My model uses ground water as a primary resource to cater the domestic demand. I would like forecast in how many years the tube-wells would become dry? How to forecast that using WEAP?

I am using water year method but it only increases/decreases the flow according to the water year.
Ms. Anne Hereford

Subject: Re: Ground Water Decline and Depletion   
Posted: 5/29/2019 Viewed: 6828 times
Dear Arfa,
If you've built out your model with changing demands into the future, you can monitor the volume of water present in the Groundwater node in the results section--Look at the results for Supply and Resources>Groundwater>Storage. Here you will be able to see if there is a declining trend in your groundwater source over the time period modeled.
The other result you could look at is Supply Delivered broken down by Source for your domestic demand node.
Ms. Arfa Saleem

Subject: Re: Ground Water Decline and Depletion   
Posted: 6/22/2019 Viewed: 6767 times
Dear Anne,
Yes, my model has changing demands but the problem is that the data I have for modeling the aquifer is just the levels at which the water is currently available e.g. underground water is available at 150 ft. There is no storage or volume as water is taken out daily using pumps. Maximum withdrawal is available too. Is there any way I can work around with this data to check for water depletion with increased demands? Thanks.

Also, when using water year method, I cant understand why my natural recharge of groundwater is just the numbers 1,2,3,4,5 gallons based on the water year. Although in definitions I have added the percentage of each year w.r.t the normal year. Will the water year method affect my maximum withdrawal of groundwater? Thanks.
Ms. Anupama C

Subject: Re: Ground Water Decline and Depletion   
Posted: 11/21/2019 Viewed: 6247 times
Dear Arfa,
Could you please tell me whether you were able to get your expected result? If so have you employed any other software like MODFLOW in obtaining the result? I am also working on the same topic and stuck with modelling.
Topic "Ground Water Decline and Depletion"