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All Topics | Topic "Entering own Climate/ Land use data"
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Ms. Annah Ndeketeya

Subject: Entering own Climate/ Land use data   
Posted: 6/11/2019 Viewed: 7212 times
Hello. So I did my catchment delineation in ArcGIS since I had high resolution data for my study area. I have managed to add the shapefile to WEAP. However I'm now stuck on how to continue with entering my land use data (do I dis-aggregate the different Land uses per catchment?) and all the other parameters required to calculate runoff. Also, my study area is an urban catchment and I don't have parameters such as Kc, soil water capacity- can i forgo these?

Update- I got the Land use part, I have added (dis-aggregated) the different land use types as branches under each catchment and entered the area. However I have historic and future climate data in netcdf format. How do I enter it because it seems the file-reader only reads excel csv files. I thought WEAP can read .nc files too.
Ms. Anne Hereford

Subject: Re: Entering own Climate/ Land use data   
Posted: 6/19/2019 Viewed: 7168 times
Dear Annah,
Glad to hear you figured out the disaggregation of land use. Are you trying to input climate data for individual catchments through the Data view in WEAP? I think this might be your problem. To make WEAP use your climate data in NetCDF format, i think you need to specify that file when using catchment delineation mode. You can add it under "Load Climate Data" using the "Select..." button. Using the ReadFromFile Wizard, your data would need to be in csv format or otherwise text-delimited.
Topic "Entering own Climate/ Land use data"