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All Topics | Topic "other supply and PEST calibration"
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Author Message
Mr. Miroslav Kandera

Subject: other supply and PEST calibration   
Posted: 10/31/2019 Viewed: 6725 times
i need to ask about 2 things:
1). is there option to set other supply to output water without demand require? i asked about this time before and i want to ask if there now is not option, if it can be added in future?
2). is there any option how to add parameters to calibrate in PEST automatically? i will probably be needed to create multiple (hundreds) calibration sets with twelve added parameters so i am looking forward for faster solution.

Thanks for any advice.
Dr. Hossein Babazadeh

Subject: Re: other supply and PEST calibration   
Posted: 11/2/2019 Viewed: 6716 times
Hi Miroslav,

About the first question, the Other Supply feature is considered for supplying the demand sector directly or indirectly. Therefore, if you need to flow output without demand, I suggest adding a headflow in a small tributary.

Mr. Miroslav Kandera

Subject: Re: other supply and PEST calibration   
Posted: 11/2/2019 Viewed: 6707 times
Hello Hossein,

thats option, of course.

What i need is actually representation of discharge from demand sites, about which i have exact monthly data, but i dont have data about relationship between water consumption of demand sites and their discharge.

As there is too many demand sites i have data about with not simple relations to possibly calculate return flow, i need a node with link to riven that supply amount of water based on data set.


I used all brain cells and found (i hope) temporary solution, which is to create reservoir instead of other supply, link it to river like from other supply. Input data needed to be inserted into Inflow. Maximum Hydraulic Outflow need to be same or higher then Inflow. Other values remain default.

Result is that reservoir node have inflow of X value, doesnt have any storage capacity and so it discharge whole inflow to river.

I hope one day a new patch will bring such option into other supply also as i am afraid there will be questions what are all those reservoirs doing in my project. WEll, it is easiest way for me now.

So, second question still needs answer. Looking forward if there will be any positive.

Mr. Miroslav Kandera

Subject: Re: other supply and PEST calibration   
Posted: 2/27/2020 Viewed: 6354 times
i misunderstood results that WEAP provided me, when i used mentioned method. This leaves me kinda upset as it seems that in WEAP, there is not node (like other supply) that supply amount of water i set no matter what (in m^3 or CMS).

I also miss option to add manipulation on reservoir as i have data for flow manipulation and i want to have that manipulation in one scenario to compare it to another scenario in which it would be different or none at all.

Topic "other supply and PEST calibration"