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All Topics | Topic ""Cannot find file" error message"
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Lacey Allor

Subject: "Cannot find file" error message   
Posted: 5/27/2020 Viewed: 6714 times
I recently tried uploading some new evapotranspiration and yield data for 20 different scenarios. However, WEAP is not able to read these files unless they are named "NET_ET_m" for evapotranspiration and "Yield_CMS_new" for yield. Those were the names for the files I used before, but I was recently instructed to have different evapotranspiration and yield files for each scenario instead of using the same ones for all of the scenarios. So, I named them according to each scenario, but WEAP can only read them if they have that specific name, but I am not able to run the results with each different file if they have the same name.

Does anyone know how to fix this? I thought it was a problem with the pathway, but I followed the pathway and the files are exactly where they need to be and there are no errors in spelling or anything.
Topic ""Cannot find file" error message"