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All Topics | Topic "The Demand Priority in WEAP doesn't work"
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Author Message
Mr. Zhaoyi Zhang

Subject: The Demand Priority in WEAP doesn't work   
Posted: 9/9/2021 Viewed: 5251 times
Dear Ms/Mr:
I try to set demand priority for some important demand points. However, whether I change the setting to 1, 2, even 90, the result of coverage doesn't have any change.
The second question, I set the demand point with the water supply from river and reservoir, I make the river's supply preference to 2 and reservoir to 1 because I want to reduce the supply press for river. But the result show that the river thus provide little to the demand point, which make the coverage extremely lower than the situation which supply preference in default, I think its not reasonable.
The third question, some error warning show that some "extremely large value" cause the problem of LP solver, but WEAP can't run in XA solver.
The last question, My WEAP version keep in 2019.202 because my info in Chinese would show error in the new version last year. Moreover, the schematic in Google Earth also has this problem.
Thanks for your reading, and I will appreciate for your reply.

Best wishes
Ms. Anne Hereford

Subject: Re: The Demand Priority in WEAP doesn't work   
Posted: 10/26/2021 Viewed: 4569 times
Dear Zhaoyi,
1) Without seeing your model, it is difficult for me to know what is happening here. If your flow is sufficient to meet the demand at that point in the model, the coverage will not change regardless of demand priority. Sometimes a site with a higher priority receives lower coverage because return flows or other factors increase availability of water at lower priority demand sites.

2) When you set the supply priority of the reservoir to 1 and that of the river to 2, WEAP will get as much of the supply as possible from the reservoir. If too much water is now coming from the reservoir (or too little from the river), you can set constraints on the flow from the reservoir. Look at the dat for that Transmission Link (under Supply and Resources in the data tree). Here you can set the Maximum Flow Volume and/or the Max Flow as a percent of Demand.

3) This problem has been resolved in the updated version of WEAP. Unfortunately, i see that using the updated version is not working for you with your information in Chinese. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We will attempt to address it ASAP.

Topic "The Demand Priority in WEAP doesn't work"