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All Topics | Topic "water year method"
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Author Message
Eng. rouba ali

Subject: water year method   
Posted: 1/24/2022 Viewed: 3542 times
I have flows data
I don't know how to use the water year method
I don't know how to divide the flows into dry, wet, very dry, very wet, and normal
I don't know what ratios I should put in order to separate These fields
Please help, I feel lost and distracted

Ms. Anne Hereford

Subject: Re: water year method   
Posted: 2/1/2022 Viewed: 3508 times
Dear Rouba,
The Water Year Method is used to model future possible conditions in your system.

Please see the following posts for more on deciding the ratios and when to use the Water Year Method:

Feel free to reply with more details if these posts don't help you resolve your questions.

Eng. rouba ali

Subject: Re: water year method   
Posted: 2/18/2022 Viewed: 3434 times

Do you mean that the divisions of the water year are estimated by me?

Please, more clarity
I know that the divisions of the water year are based on historical flows, so how is this done, and another question is whether the data of one measure of the flow downstream is sufficient to determine the divisions of the water year?
Please answer this question. That is, is it better to divide the water year according to the values of precipitation or flow?
What measure of flow do we adopt? Does the location of the flowmeter matter to the adoption of its data in the divisions of the water year?
Topic "water year method"