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All Topics | Topic "Development of Climatic Scenario while modeling river basin"
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Author Message
Mr. Raj Singh

Subject: Development of Climatic Scenario while modeling river basin   
Posted: 3/24/2022 Viewed: 3999 times
Hello All,

I am modelling the river basin of the Nepal. I have input the climatic parameters like precipitation, avg temperature, humidity, wind etc and land parameters like : catchment areas in the reference scenario [from 1976 (jan-dec) to 2005(jan-dec)]. I have calibrated the modelled streamflow with historical data.

Now, I am trying to assess the impact of variation of Climatic parameters under RCP 4.5 and 8.5. I am encountering the following problems:

1) I have input the Temp & Precipitation in format: 1976 jan,feb....dec; 1977 jan,feb...dec,1978.....likewise, Now in climatic scenario under RCP 4.5 and 8.5, I am only able to input annual parameters for temperature and precipitation since I have acquired data of annual growth for precipitation and temperature under RCP 4.5 and 8.5. How can I acquire data of Temp and Precipitation month-wise from 2006 onwards under RCPs?
2) I am getting problem in managing the Climatic Scenario and obtain desire results under this scenario. How can I link the parameters like temperature, precipitation of Reference scenario with Climatic Scenario?? Is there any functions to link. like growthfrom functions??? or any methodology to link the data of Climatic scenario and input accordingly to increase/decrease the parameter with respect to the data and results of reference/current scenario under RCPs.

Ms. Anne Hereford

Subject: Re: Development of Climatic Scenario while modeling river basin   
Posted: 4/5/2022 Viewed: 3851 times
Dear Raj,
Try this source for monthly CMIP5 projections: https://climateknowledgeportal.worldbank.org/download-data

If i understand your question correctly, having the climate projection data will eliminate your need to derive Climatic Scenario data from your reference data. If not, please clarify.

Mr. Raj Singh

Subject: Re: Development of Climatic Scenario while modeling river basin   
Posted: 8/9/2022 Viewed: 3231 times
Thank you Anne for the link.
Yes, future climatic data surely eliminate the concept of linking the reference data with climatic scenario data.

With best regards,
Raj Singh
Topic "Development of Climatic Scenario while modeling river basin"