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All Topics | Topic "Combined limit for 2 demand sites"
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Mrs. Jen Dodson

Subject: Combined limit for 2 demand sites   
Posted: 4/13/2022 Viewed: 2933 times
Hi, I have 2 demand sites that have a combined limit. How do I incorporate this limit into the model?
Ms. Anne Hereford

Subject: Re: Combined limit for 2 demand sites   
Posted: 4/14/2022 Viewed: 2913 times
Hi Jen,
Can you tell me more about your model? Must the two demand sites be separate? Or could they be modeled as separate components of the same demand site? Does one of them have a higher priority than the other? Are there any inputs or outputs to the Supply between the withdrawals of the two demand sites? Do they draw from the same single source?

Mrs. Jen Dodson

Subject: Re: Combined limit for 2 demand sites   
Posted: 5/1/2022 Viewed: 2647 times
Hi Anne,
Sorry for the delay in replying (it's school holidays here). They are 2 separate demand sites that are several kilometers apart on the same river but with many other demand sites in between. They have the same priority. It may be that we could simplify the model and model them as separate components of the same demand site to see the effect downstream but then we would not be able to see the modelled effect in between the two sites.
Kind regards

Topic "Combined limit for 2 demand sites"