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All Topics | Topic "Scenarios On Red Node (Demand Sites)"
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Author Message
Mr. Jawad Saleem

Subject: Scenarios On Red Node (Demand Sites)   
Posted: 9/15/2022 Viewed: 2185 times
Dear Researchers,
I am working on the annual demand of agriculture and domestic water requirements and I am using red nodes (demand sites) in my model. Can you please guide me on how can I connect my annual demands with ET or Temperature values? and what are the scenarios that can be made on red nodes? for agriculture and domestic water demands.
Ms. Anne Hereford

Subject: Re: Scenarios On Red Node (Demand Sites)   
Posted: 9/24/2022 Viewed: 2146 times
Dear Jawad,
In order to input formulas that relate demand to other parameters in the model, you will choose to use the Expression Builder in the data cell in the data view of your model. You can set WEAP to use the climate data that has already been entered by dragging parameters into your expression. Check the Basic Tools chapter of the Tutorial and the Expressions section of the WEAP help.

As for scenarios to explore, this will depend on your research questions and predicted changes in your system. Do you expect significant land use changes that will affect demand? (You can set up land use changes in your scenarios, and/or technological advances in irrigation practices.) Will climate change affect supply? You can also set up different scenarios of population growth and/or water conservation measures that might affect domestic demand. For a little more on this, see the Refining Demand Analysis chapter in the Tutorial.

Topic "Scenarios On Red Node (Demand Sites)"