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All Topics | Topic "No outflows from Reservoir and transmission links"
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Ms. Noella Sanya

Subject: No outflows from Reservoir and transmission links   
Posted: 1/6/2023 Viewed: 2093 times
Dear All,

I am trying to calibrate a WEAP model using the observed storage volume of a local (non-river) Reservoir. I have two outflows with transmission links from the reservoir and an inflow from a catchment using a runoff/infiltration link. The Maximum flow volume for each transmission link has been provided by i) a CSV file and ii)an expression. The two transmission links are connected to demand sites downstream. All the climate data for the catchment has been included as well as the Volume-Elevation data. However, when the model is run, there is no outflow from the reservoir and no flow in the two transmission links. I have tried to make changes to various variables but there has been no change. What could be the problem in this case?

Looking forward to a response from you.

Noella Sanya.
Ms. Anne Hereford

Subject: Re: No outflows from Reservoir and transmission links   
Posted: 2/20/2023 Viewed: 1935 times

Is the volume of water in your reservoir changing when the model is run? Is the water level above the Top of Inactive level specified in your model? If the reservoir level is not changing, check the demand priority for reservoir filling.
Are there other water sources for the downstream demand sites?

Topic "No outflows from Reservoir and transmission links"