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All Topics | Topic "Calibration and Validation"
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Author Message
Ms. Shinta Prameswari

Subject: Calibration and Validation   
Posted: 2/20/2023 Viewed: 2563 times
Hey team. allow me to introduce myself, I am Shinta studying at a university in Indonesia.

I'm currently doing research on the availability and demand for water in an area, I've followed the steps for making the Raifall Runoff model (soil moisture model) in all series as well as the tutorials and guides that have been provided by the Weap team but currently I'm stuck for a few weeks in the last step. model creation, namely the calibration and model validation sections using the same method, namely the "WEAP Model Inspector Tutorial". There is no significant difference between the tutorial and the model that I made, it's just that there are differences in the name, type, and amount of land cover which has an impact on the naming of the branch, both the demand site and catchment as well as in the key assumption section. In the tutorial given there are 7 branches of land cover types but in my model 8 different types of branches are needed, this makes it difficult for me to do the final part, namely calibration and validation. can the weap team help me with this problem?

thanks for the team's attention
the response and help from the team means a lot to me
Topic "Calibration and Validation"