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All Topics | Topic "water quality"
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Author Message
Ms. Nazanin Ebrahimi

Subject: water quality   
Posted: 4/1/2024 Viewed: 839 times
I have 2 separate questions
1) I am using the "Soil moisture method" for a WEAP-MODFLOW Linking, Can WEAP calculate SURFACE WATER QUALITY and GROUNDWATER RECHARGE QUALITY with this method?

2) Can I calculate the available area for each crop and have it as an output?
Thank you :)
Mr. Doug Chalmers

Subject: Re: water quality   
Posted: 4/1/2024 Viewed: 833 times
Ms. Nazanin Ebrahimi,

1. For water quality of catchments while using WEAP-MODFLOW Linking, you can enter the pollutant Intensity, Concentration, and Inflow of the catchment object. In the runoff infiltration link objects, you can enter the pollutant Decrease. See the WEAP Tutorial chapter on Water Quality for more information.

2. To show the land use area for each crop within your catchments in the model, go to Results and select Catchments --> Area at the top. At the selection above the graph, select Branch: Demand Sites and Catchments to show results for all catchments. On the right, select All Branches. Then, select to Levels: 2 at the top, and check Match Names to aggregate the areas across each crop type across all catchments.

Hope this helps!
Ms. Nazanin Ebrahimi

Subject: Re: water quality   
Posted: 4/2/2024 Viewed: 824 times
Thank you so much,
my question is that I want both these parameters (GW recharge and Available area) to be unknown variables and weap calculate them for me, I do not have any kind of data for recharge quality, and I want to use weap's output of the variable as an input for quality module of modflow
Mr. Doug Chalmers

Subject: Re: water quality   
Posted: 4/3/2024 Viewed: 777 times
Ms. Nazanin Ebrahimi,

If you want WEAP to estimate the available crop area for you, the best tool would be automatic catchment delineation. Automatic catchment delineation will assign areas of irrigated cropland and rainfed cropland in each catchment based on its land cover dataset included in the software.

Estimating water quality without having observed data makes any results calculated in WEAP (or any other water quality model) unable to be validated. While this is likely outside your control, the best path forward is to collect water quality data so you can use it to calibrate. Outside of this, my best recommendation would be calibrate the water quality in a similar, nearby basin which was water quality data, and apply the same parameters here. Or to set values based on literature. However, neither of these approaches would give answers with a great amount of confidence. Again, the unfortunate recommendation is to collect observed data first, which would be true for any water quality model.

Topic "water quality"