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All Topics | Topic "WEAP Catchment Simulation Methods"
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Author Message
Ms. Elaine Claire Macaspac

Subject: WEAP Catchment Simulation Methods   
Posted: 4/17/2024 Viewed: 1027 times

I am new to modeling, and WEAP. I was wondering if there is a ReadFromFile option for the Catchment Simulation. I have been exploring the program, and I cannot seem to find a tab for ReadFromFile for Catchment Simulation.

I would be deeply grateful for you help!

Thank you, and regards,

Ms. Anne Hereford

Subject: Re: WEAP Catchment Simulation Methods   
Posted: 5/9/2024 Viewed: 957 times
You can use ReadFromFile to import time-series data (such as precipitation, temperature) into WEAP for any of the simulation methods.
In the Expression there's an option to go into the ReadFromFile wizard. For more details, see:

Please respond if this does not answer your question.

Ms. Elaine Claire Macaspac

Subject: Re: WEAP Catchment Simulation Methods   
Posted: 5/12/2024 Viewed: 766 times
Thank you very much, Ms. Anne!

Also, I have decided to do the hydrologic modeling on SWAT. That said, I have a few additional questions:

1. Should I still make use of the Catchment Simulation Method on WEAP, or would it suffice to only use the ReadFromFile wizard to specify hydrologic inflows?

2. Is there any further calibration/validation needed to do on WEAP if I link SWAT outputs to the WEAP model?

With gratitude,

Mr. Doug Chalmers

Subject: Re: WEAP Catchment Simulation Methods   
Posted: 5/28/2024 Viewed: 424 times

1. To populate your model hydrology by calculating the flow using catchment simulation versus directly inputting pre-calculated flow data using the ReadFromFile wizard is one of the fundamental questions of setting up a WEAP model. Do you have the inflows already calculated using your SWAT model? If so, then I would recommend to use these flows in WEAP using ReadFromFile, unless you need to validate the results by reproducing the same inflows in WEAP using WEAP's catchment simulation. Otherwise, simulating the inflows in WEAP would grant you additional flexibility to model changes in flow under climate or land use changes. If you need to model these in WEAP and cannot do so under SWAT, then that would also be a reason to simulate catchment hydrology in WEAP.

2. It is common to use inflows calculated using external models (SWAT, in your case) as input data into WEAP. For any model, it is important that your SWAT inflows are properly calibrated and validated before inputting them into WEAP. The main considerations with migrating these inflows from SWAT to WEAP would be- 1) are the locations of the inflows properly considered? and 2) is the impaired/unimpaired nature of the inflows and the effects of any human demands in your watershed in relation to these inflows being considered? It is possible you may need to back-calculate in any estimated diversions if you are trying to input unimpaired inflow into a watershed with human diversions.

Hope this helps!
Topic "WEAP Catchment Simulation Methods"