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All Topics | Topic "Population Data (Annual Activity Level) for many demand nodes"
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Author Message
Ms. Anabel Matalanga

Subject: Population Data (Annual Activity Level) for many demand nodes   
Posted: 5/22/2024 Viewed: 835 times
I have Population data for many nodes. Is there a way in which I can input this data into WEAP? I have tried the Read from file function, however I get an error.

How can I enter large amounts of data into WEAP? Does it have to be done manually?

Many thanks
Mr. Doug Chalmers

Subject: Re: Population Data (Annual Activity Level) for many demand nodes   
Posted: 5/28/2024 Viewed: 709 times

What is the error that you receive with the ReadFromFile function? Could you please send a screenshot to info@weap21.org?

Otherwise, there are a variety of ways to enter large amounts of data into WEAP. You could go to Edit --> Export Expressions to Excel. There, you could enter your expressions into the proper Excel cells and then go to Edit --> Import Expressions from Excel. (Note that WEAP will read in the values in the Excel cells, not the formulas). An even more advanced method would be to use the Automatic Programming Interface (API), which can use VBA scripting to populate expressions in your model according to code that you write. For more info on this, please search "API" in Help --> Search.

Do these help you? If not, please let me know as I have experience in entering large amounts of data and could likely find even more solutions.

Topic "Population Data (Annual Activity Level) for many demand nodes"