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Author Message

Subject: adding new area   
Posted: 12/24/2005 Viewed: 35491 times
adding new area vasu deva vizagvasu <a href="mailto:vizagvasu@rediffmail.com">vizagvasu@rediffmail.com</a>i would like to know about adding area by using arc_view. i didnot understand throug user-guid.
Deleted User

Subject: Re: adding new area   
Posted: 12/25/2005 Viewed: 35483 times
Re: adding new area Mohammad Sohrabinia ms_gis2003 <a href="mailto:ms_gis2003@yahoo.com">ms_gis2003@yahoo.com</a>Hi
You can use XTools extention, found in file>Extetions>XTools
then a menu named XTools will apear. Activate the theme that you want to calculate its area and then open XTools menu and there click "Update area, perimeter, acres and length" command. All area of the polygon features will be calculated. Note that this command works only for layers that have metric coordonate system like UTM or Lambert. For geographic projection you will get wrong results.
Wish you success
Mohammad Sohrabinia
Dr. Mehdi Mirzaee

Subject: adding new area   
Posted: 12/26/2005 Viewed: 35479 times
adding new area Mehdi Mirzaee MMirzaee <a href="mailto:M.Mirzaee@wri.ac.ir">M.Mirzaee@wri.ac.ir</a>Hi

For the first time, I had this probelm, but I finally solve it, Don't worry at the first!!
First, save your background on a shape file or a raster file. After that >>
File,Create new area, initially balnk
then follow windows...
you can see a world map, after that you have to adjust your project map on it. you can use your mouse for selecting a box for focousing on a part of world.
But I advice you another way, After saving your shape file, right click on box for choosing layer, browse your shape file and choose it. after that you don't see any thing !!! :) don't worry!! you don't set your boundary yet. Thus Right click on your map, choose Set Area Boundary...in the left hand you will see your project map, zoom on it and be sure that in right panel you will see that map. Press Ok and Enjoy by WEAP!!!

Subject: thank you, sir   
Posted: 12/26/2005 Viewed: 35467 times
thank you, sir vasu deva vizagvasu <a href="mailto:vizagvasu@rediffmail.com">vizagvasu@rediffmail.com</a>i am thankfull to you for replying to my message (subject:adding new area)

Deleted User

Subject: RE: adding new area   
Posted: 12/26/2005 Viewed: 35462 times
RE: adding new area Juan Carlos Salazar Moo juansalazar <a href="mailto:juan.salazar@yucatan.gob.mx">juan.salazar@yucatan.gob.mx</a>Muchas gracias por la información que me enviaron.

Juan Carlos Salazar Moo
Secretaria de Desarrollo Rural y Pesca
Gobierno del Estado
Calle 21 # 444 Frente a la Plaza Cívica de la Ciudad Industrial
CP.97983 Mérida, Yucatán
Tel. (999) 930.38.30 Ext.60050, 60052
<juan.salazar@yucatan.gob.mx> juan.salazar@yucatan.gob.mx
Dr. Mehdi Mirzaee

Subject: RE: adding new area   
Posted: 12/29/2005 Viewed: 35451 times
RE: adding new area Mehdi Mirzaee MMirzaee <a href="mailto:M.Mirzaee@wri.ac.ir">M.Mirzaee@wri.ac.ir</a>You are all Welcome....

have a nice holidays!
Topic "adding new area"